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Please note that the prices below are for products & services individually.
Please get in touch with information about your project and which products & services you require to get quotes for bundles and to make an order.

Services with a * are not available to all clients.

In the interest of protecting myself and ensuring that the quality & values of my brand are preserved, I only offer some services to clients I have built a relationship of trust with.

Feel free to ask about the services with a * next to them - however, the best way to gain access to theses services is to work with me on a smaller project first :)

Ψ Beats Ψ

Basic Lease (Mp3 & WAV) - $50
Unlimited Lease (Full Commercial Use) - $100
Exclusive (Full Commercial Use + Trackouts, Beat Removed from Store) - $500

Unlimited Mixtape/EP Bundle* 
(5 unlimited beats + mixing & mastering + social media promo) - $700

All beat leases are buy 1 get 1 free (does not include custom beats)
All beat leases can be purchased from the Beat Store.

Custom Beat* (Full Commercial Use + Trackouts) - $399

Custom Beat with Hook* (performed by high quality music industry vocalist) - $599 (price my vary depending on featured vocalist)

Beat Collab (for producers) - $150

LX Xander will assist in the promotion of all tracks made using mydarkbeats.com beats.


Ψ Mixing & Mastering Ψ

Vocal Mix - $100
Beat Mix - $150
Beat & Vocal Mix (Includes Mastering) - $200
Master Only - $60

Please note - prices for mixing may vary if the project contains a large amount of
elements to be worked on.

Full Mixtape Special Rate* (Mix & Master, up to 6 tracks) - $500



Music Feedback Session (for artists & producers, 1 hour via Skype) - $100

Social Media Consultation (covering all major social networks & how to optimise for promotion, 1 hour via Skype) - $200

Social Media Consultation + Beat Collab (for producers) - $300

3 Months Music & Business mentoring* (for artists & producers, 1 Skype call a week, round the clock interaction via messages) - $600


Ψ PROMOTION & Contacts Ψ

1 Month Instagram Promotion (real users, targeted, growth of 1000-3000 followers per month) - $100

1 Month Twitter Promotion (real users, targeted, growth of 1000-3000 followers per month) - $100

1 Month Instagram & Twitter Promotion (real users, targeted, growth of 1000-3000 followers per month) - $150

List of Music Industry Contacts* (A&R for major labels, managers etc.) - $100



Feature from mid level artist who has appeared on tracks with a major artist eg. HighRise, Hyde, Yaydo* $300

Feature from Major Artist eg. Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Royce Da 5'9* $2000 - $5000+

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