Who are you?

My name is LX Xander, I'm a producer from the UK. I've been making music for over ten years, and I've developed a bit of a reputation for creating dark & punchy hip hop music. My influences come mainly from very dark trap music and very commercial pop music, creating a unique hybrid sound. I've produced records that feature Hopsin ('The Red Room', over half a million Spotify streams to date), Future, Wiz Khalifa & Royce Da 5'9 and appeared in several major web publications including HuffPost, The Source, The Hype MagazineRESPECT Magazine and over the past year or so, I've built a name for myself within the online hip hop community. I've worked with major internet producers such as Anno Domini & GummyBeatz and upcoming producers are now making 'LX Xander Type Beats', which is pretty flattering!

You can check out my full bio at lxxanderthegr8.com.

I've never purchased beats before. How does this work?

It's pretty simple - when you purchase a beat, you are buying the rights to use it commercially, in your own projects. This means you can rap or sing over it, then release it and make money off it (by selling it on platforms like iTunes, Spotify etc.) and use it to promote your own brand. All the beats I sell through my site are royalty free, which means you never have to worry about paying me a penny of the money you make off the tracks you create with them.

I see I can choose between either 'Lease', 'Unlimited' or 'Exclusive'. What's the difference?

A 'Lease' basically means that other people will still be able to purchase and use the beat after you. A lease also limits how many sales & streams your finished track is allowed to accumulate - when it reaches this number (in my case, 2000 sales and 20,000 streams) you would have to come back and purchase another lease. 'Exclusive' means that no one else will be able to purchase and use the beat after you. It also gives you unlimited streams and sales. 'Unlimited' gives you the same freedom in terms of sales & streams as 'Exclusive' but others can still purchase the beat after you. If you're serious about your project and want it to go far, unlimited or exclusive is a better option for you as it provides absolute security, freedom and credibility. If you're just looking for some beats to throw together a promotional mixtape or play a few shows, lease might be more cost effective for you.

What happens if I buy a lease and then someone purchases the exclusive later? Do I still get to use the beat?

Yes, you can continue to use the beat until your lease is up (that is, you hit the max amount of sales or streams). After that, you will have to stop using the beat, as the lease will no longer be available to repurchase.

What happens if a label wants to release a track I make with one of your beats?

Go ahead - all the beats here are 100% royalty free. You don't even have to tell me, though it'd be nice if you did. However, it's recommended that you purchase an exclusive if it's going to be a label release.

I've seen other producer's sites and their exclusives are much more expensive than yours, even though you seem to have built up more of a name for yourself. What's up with that?

I did a Black Friday sale recently and sold a LOT of beats - it made me realise just how much of a barrier price can be for upcoming artists. I used to sell exclusives at $500 per beat; as soon as I lowered the price in the sale, I had a huge wave of purchases from some super dope artists that I'm really happy to have on my tracks. I realised that I was actually limiting myself quite a lot by making my exclusives so expensive, and that not only would I make more money overall by lowering the price, but I would also get to hear some amazing artists on my beats. So I decided to permanently slash my exclusive prices, but still produce the same high quality of beats I always have!

I notice you don't offer trackouts with your beats. Why is that?

In my entire time selling beats online, I think I've been asked for trackouts maybe twice. They're time consuming to prepare and I'm also not crazy about the idea of someone else remixing my beat, as I consider my mixing as being a part of my creative process, not just a technical one. If you REALLY need them for some reason (remix projects etc.) then they can be arranged for you if you email lxxander.thegr8@mydarkbeats.com... but be prepared to pay a little more!

I don't like putting my card info in online. Is there another way I can buy a beat from you?

You can purchase beats directly through the site via either card or PayPal, which may be a better option for you. Alternatively, if you email me at lxxander.thegr8@mydarkbeats.com we can do the PayPal transaction manually and I can just email you the beat. These are, however, the only two payment options I have available - being in the UK, I can't use SquareCash, Venmo or other similar services.

I love your work, but I don't just want to buy a beat from you - I want to work with you properly on a record/soundtrack/something else! Can we do that?

Yes, absolutely! Drop me an email at lxxander.thegr8@mydarkbeats.com and we can discuss your project.

I have XXXX amount of followers, I can get your name out there/I can pay you in royalties. Can I have your beats for free?

No, sorry - even major labels pay for instrumentals!